To be called a fashion designer is odd. I am an artist in wolf's clothing.

My aim is to create worlds which don't yet exist. Juxtapose things which do not make sense until you cannot deny that they mesh, play with disgust and the terms on which you are willing to see things. You cannot deny something is beautiful even when you look closely and then see something which freaks you out. Go with your gut.

I studied fine art until I realised I did not want my work hung in galleries and houses to be perused over free wine.
I studied theatre until my body of work became so diverse even I got confused.
So now i work in fashion, since February 2009 to be exact. Because that's where the clothes live, and I want my work to be lived in.

Clothing is our expression of self, our bodies are the one thing we control exclusively. Clothing should amplify a person, not create one. I am bored of androgeny, I think we need the equal and opposite: intensify the masculine and the feminine, all at once. I love the beauty of the past, we all draw on if for our inspiration and should give credit where it's due.. I daydream visions of a future not yet set, and revel in the militaristic classic lines built to last and serve a purpose.

Most of our lives these days is a fantasy world, hiding from one reality or another. So why not dress for the party?

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Images: #1 & 3:Michael Donovan #2 & 4:David Alexandre

Kara (c) Michael Donovan David Alexandre Kara (c) Michael Donovan David Alexandre